About Us

Bon Bon Productions is one of the UAE leading event production companies with the experience and expertise of providing high quality products and services for events.

We plan, design, create and execute a diverse range of events for corporates, companies, societies, club, individuals and others. We transform the ideas of our clients into spectacular and memorable realities that achieve the desired goals of the clients. For those who choose not to produce their event themselves, we offer complete turn-key productions - from concept to conclusion. Design and execution is our forte.

We have a great team of staff, whose attention to detail, quality and finish ensure a superior production service. We have our own fully equipped production facility that ensures premium quality of products and services, delivery within deadline, cost effective prices and hence, total customer satisfaction.

Although headquartered at Dubai, Bon Bon Productions can produce events anywhere in the GCC region.

The company was founded in 2002, but its principles bring with them over two decades of experience in interior decoration, graphics, advertising and related fields.


Wedding flowers include wedding flower packages, bridal bouquets & diy wedding flowers.


We create the most dynamic lighting that makes a huge impact in the overall design of a special event.